Tatters to Treasure rides again

The Tatters to Treasure parade coach reemerged from Woodend Mill for a suprise apperance at The Fantastical Cycle Parade in Todmorden at the weekend. It appeared alongside many other bike powered and wheel artworks for an afternoon of cycle themed fun.

ITV filmed the event and there are more images on flickr.TtT-coach-rides-againBlow-your-own-trumpet

Art-Bike-Bird Art-Bike-Fish


The Lantern Parade – a short video

Dark night, bright lights, lots going on and much busyness don’t offer the best situation for filming but here is a short video of the Coach in action on the Lantern Parade.

Thank you to all the Art Bike and Junk Sculpture Crew who took part in making and performing both Coaches, your hard work, creative talent and dedication have been amazing.

The Lantern Parade- the big day arrives.

Sunday 8th December 2013 and The Ashton Christmas Market Winter Wonderland Lantern Parade is upon us.

We’ve had just three weeks to make the Parade Coach and it has been a lot of hard work but it’s been a lot of fun too. Best of all the Coach looked amazing in the Parade and worked perfectly – we only wish the Parade had lasted longer!

almost time towing team  setting off  There is a bus coming!Picking up speed

Pushing is easyparading

nervous? look no handsfree ride It's working and we're ready to rollconcentrating on brakingThe Amazing Art Bike Parade Team I can see Santa

How to assemble the Lantern Parade Coach

All the parts of the coach are finally ready so we filmed the assembly to show how it all fits together – it only takes about 1 minute and 30 seconds to do if you work fast!

Safety First – hand rails for the Lantern Parade Coach

We decided it would be best if no-one fell from the Coach during the Lantern Parade so constructed sets of hand rails for either side of the drive bike and to go around the main body platform. Using carefully chosen sections of trampoline rails and legs we made nicely shaped rails that were both functional and fitted with the aesthetic of the Coach, this was real junk sculpture in action!

The deadline for the Lantern Parade was drawing close and our work stepped up a gear with all hands to the Coach; checking everything was safe and secure, tweaking fixings, polishing rough edges, touching up paintwork and considering what decoration and illumination we would add next.

dome boltRoof domePower by tea and coffee P1040342

hand railsQuick cuppa

Painting the Lantern Parade Chassis

With the chassis checked and ready to roll it was time to add a plywood platform to stand on and choose colours for our creation. CL and JC flexed their joinery muscles and fitted platforms across the main chassis and either side of the drive bike, then CL choose red and green for the main colours to match the reclaimed cart wheels and axle. He also added some light blue for the wood work: City Colours once again!

Joinery skills

colours  Painted and ready to build

Tandem to Chassis – flexible link and steering

The tandem bikes that will tow the Lantern Parade Coach require a complex mechanism to link them to the chassis steering axle. The link must be rigid in the horizontal axis so the chassis follows the towing tandem but must be flexible in the vertical axis to allow us to go over bumps and uneven road surfaces.

Luckily for us a pair of old bicycle bottom bracket axles provide a strong and reliable pivot for the system and the linking arm are made from, you guessed it, old trampoline frame sections.

Great work by CL using his new found engineering skills and ArtistA making very accurate mountings and fitting them in place on the chassis so everything works beautifully.

We also cut some old bits of bike frame to make a support for the drive bike which mounts fork to fork using an old spindle with a set of old forks and fame parts supporting the back part.

steering fit 01 steering fit 02 steering fit 03Drive bike fit